Winter Garden Favorite

February 29, 2012 | Uncategorized | Laurel Van Eaton

Snow, wind, rain… a little bit of everything this morning. However, regardless of these cold winter weather conditions the Lenten Rose grows undaunted. Helleborus x hybridus, commonly known as the Lenten Rose, is one of my most cherished plants and  feel that no garden is complete without one, three…nine or twelve. The more the merrier, I say. Why do I find these plants so spectacular, you ask? Well, first they bloom in the winter and, and as I mentioned, are in their full glory in my garden right now. I snapped these pictures the other day while surveying the amount of work that soon needs to be done in preparation for spring. (That's a blog topic all of it's own!)  But, what a delight to see these beauties bloom on a grey, wintery day! Second, they are an evergreen perennial and have dark evergreen, glossy palm shaped leaves that are beautiful most of the year. The only time that you may want to cut the leaves back is about now, so you can enjoy the flowers more fully. And, third, the flowers will last well into the summer because they are not actually flowers they are bracts and thus have more sustaining power than your typical flower. These so-called flowers come in an array of colors including, white, green, yellow, burgundy and pink. To ensure you get the color you want it’s best to pick your plants when they are in bloom. So, stop by your favorite garden center and buy yourself some winter cheer. At their best, Hellebores are our promise that spring is just around the corner. Cheers to wishful thinking!

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